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Hot Mommas!

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1. You are welcome to join if you are pregnant or have children. You must be 16+ to join.
2. Please don't be rude, harassing, or create drama. You're welcome to state your opinion but leave it at that. Save the drama for your momma. :)
3. After you become a member & post your application you are welcome to post other things related to the community.
4. Please fill out the application below when you join, also please Post your application within two days of joining the community.
5. Promotions of other communities are acceptable here and only by accepted members.
6. Please put any pictures you post behind a lj-cut.
7. If you have questions, comments, etc. - contact the mod.
8. Whatever is SAID HERE STAYS HERE...and no cross posting please!
9. Please make all post "FRIENDS ONLY", if they are not they will be deleted.
10. YOU MUST REQUEST TO JOIN NOW as of November 17th, 2007.
If you violate the rules you will be banned.


*For those of you with problems with Mother-in-laws here is a community for that I am the CO-MOD*


Promote With These - Save them to your own server, if you can. If not use the links.

Community icon and all graphics on this page created by mami_chilena

If anyone has a problem or question you can e-mail me. My e-mail address is on my journals info page. rebblegirl