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Hot Mommas!
For Sale Boy Clothes 
23rd-Aug-2007 04:42 pm
I am selling so many clothes for boys. Please tell me if you are interested buying.

Trust me, they are very excellent condition (NO HOLES OR NO DRAIN OR SO!). Some are brand new.

12 Months Baby Boy Clothes - $60.00 (Mixed)

24 Months/2T Boy Clothes - $60.00 (Winters)

3T Boy Clothes - $60.00 (Winters)

4T Boy Clothes - $60.00 (GREAT FOR SCHOOL!) Warning you, they are 90 clothes.. Should be full in your closet! LOL

You will need to help me to pay for shipping.

Please help me out. If you want to buy them. I am so glad to take your check in the mail.

I will mail the box to Post Office for you.
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