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Hot Mommas!
I'm new. :) 
2nd-Oct-2007 04:55 pm

Name: Leslie

Live Journal Name: nowsheshines

Age: 27

Location: Florida

Status: In a relationship

Children - name(s) and age(s), or expected due date: Ian, age 8 & Avery, age 1 on 10/16.

Pets: A guinea pig lives here. It's my boyfriend's though.

Hobbies/Interests: gaming, geeky things, making websites, graphics, karaoke, learning to cook, photography, Heroes, making vids, costumes, writing, penpals, etc.

Best Thing About Being a Mom: Seeing them grow.

Favorite Thing Your Child Does: Well, I enjoy when my son listens! :P & when my daughter tries to walk & laughs.

Your Opinion on Something: You have to follow your heart even if others don't agree. Happiness is hard to come by so when you have a chance for it .. don't hesitate.

Anything Else, About Yourself or Otherwise: I think I act younger than my age, but also feel much older. I feel I was picked to my daughter's mom because she had a heart defect, had surgery at 4 months & she has taught me more than anyone in my life. I am honored to have her in my life.

Please promote us in your journal, your userinfo, another user, or community: I will put it in my userinfo.

Please post some pictures, if you wish:

My two crazy kids!

One of my fave pictures of my daughter. She looks so happy!
3rd-Oct-2007 12:54 am (UTC)
welcome to the community
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