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Hot Mommas!
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19th-Jun-2007 10:57 am - Jaden is 16 months old
I haven't posted here in a while so I thought that I would stop by and show off some pictures of my handsome little boy. Who might I mention is full of energy and running everywhere!

Some pictures

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btw I'm not sure if it was this community or not but someone posted a article they found online about if a mother got paid for everything she done daily what it would add up to yearly. Like I said not sure if it was this community or not but if it was I would really like to have that posted again so that I can give it to all the moms I know! Thankx

p.s. I love you
6th-Jun-2007 01:43 pm - Need More Money???
Hey Everyone,
If you are like me, then you are probably constantly looking for ways to earn more money. Things have been pretty tight with my family lately, so I got involved with a few things...mailing postcards, mystery shopping, etc. I know a lot of us don't work here, or still could use more money without sacrificing family time, so I wanted to let you know what I've found. Maybe something here will help you earn a little extra money too!
First let me tell you that there are a lot of sites out there that promise quick cash for easy jobs, but many are either SCAM or you never get anywhere. Many of those same businesses also say they are free and that's usually NOT the case, or you get really bad customer service! All the websites I'm listing will help you find "work from home" jobs that are tried and proven and 100% SCAM free and legit! And all the information you need to succeed is already put together for you. So if you are looking for extra money (who isn't?) Check out the websites below to get more information on how you can start a successful home-based business today! You won't regret this investment! All the work's already done for you, so you know you get the best results.

-This site will give you the opportunity to discover which companies and organizations are looking for people to do work at home. All companies are REAL, with real customer service, and real job opportunities! The guide will give you information on over 500 different companies, pointers on how to tell real opportunities from fraudulent ones, and everything else you will need to succeed. This is GUARANTEED!

-This site is for those interested in becoming a Mystery Shopper! Let me just say I tried signing up for A BUNCH of free sites that claimed I could become a mystery shopper a while ago and you know what I got??? A bunch of spam emails and a lot of waisted time. Most companies I never heard from again. The ones I did only sent me jobs that were either WAY too far and/or crap stores no one would want to mystery shop. The only one that looked ok AND was close, I couldn't even find! True story! This site will give you everything you need to become a serious and legit mystery shopper with top priority for the businesses in YOUR area. Shop when you want, keep what you buy, and get paid for it! No waisted time, no scams, 100% guaranteed!

-This site is for those serious about wanting to start a real small business run from home, and gain financial freedom! Everything you need to succeed is included including $400 worth of free software! Step by step guides will teach you everything you need to know! Again, this is a guaranteed business!

-This site will allow you to become an independent mailer (which is one of the things I do). I'm having a lot of fun with it. If you decide to give it a try too (money back guarantee), please use my distribution ID # which is 34916 when you check out so that I get credit for it!

Hope this helps! Sorry it's long, but i wanted to pass on the information!
27th-May-2007 07:30 pm - Promotion
hey everyone

I just started a graphics community rebel_graphxs I am just getting started. But i'd love it if you all joined. Hope you check it out *hugs*
me with everyone :)
25th-May-2007 09:47 pm(no subject)
Hi ladies! I was hoping that I could get some advice for a problem that I am having with my 4 year old son. He has recently started peeing his pants again. He has been doing so well. He even stopped wearing pull ups to bed. It has been about a week or so and he keeps doing it. Not all the time, but enough. I know that stress and changes like a new baby, divorce, moving, and things like that can cause this. But we haven't had anything like that. So, any advice? Thanks in advance.
20th-May-2007 12:10 pm - Question
My son Jaden who is 15 months old, recently began teething his molar teeth one on the top left side of his mouth and one of the bottom left side of his mouth.  I was wondering if this was normal for his age, is he suppose to be getting his molars right now?  
p.s. I love you
16th-May-2007 03:49 pm - My youngest son, Coleridge...

16th-May-2007 03:48 pm - My eldest son, Kurtis
I made this at FlipFrames.com and thought I'd share it with you guys! You can leave comments for me right on the photos! :)
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